Sunday, 13 April 2014

Learn French

Hello : Bonjour.
Goodbye : Au revoir .
Thank you : Merci
Count from 0 - 10 : Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre, Cinq, Six, Sept, Huit, Neuf, Dix.
My name is….Hannah

Give 5 pieces of basic information about your chosen country.
*French is also the only language, with English, that is taught in every country of the world, with 100 million students and 2 million teachers
*Between 6 and 11 million Americans speak French, as does half the population of Algeria, and 15 percent of Israelis. 
*French has more than a million words and 20,000 new ones are created every year. 
*France is the most visited country in the world with 75 million tourists every year. 
*About a third to a half of basic English words come from French, including pedigree, surf, view, strive, challenge, pride, staunch and war. 

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