Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Create a 2 week long holiday programme for kids your age for this holidays.

The programme must have different morning and afternoon activities. i.e. 9.00 - 3.00pm

You must think of something to do different every day.

You can go out of town (parent transport).
Y our total budget is $200 for the 10 days or $20 per day.
You can include out of town activities.
Do it as a table.

Go for a walkBus down to HamiltonMake cupcakes Arts and craftsWalk up the mount and the get Copenhagen cones 
Go to lunch Swim at splash planetGo to the tramp parkGo to the hot pools Movies
You must bring
Money, Running shoesTogs, Towel, Money, Sunblock  Money, shoes, socksTogs, moneyWalking shoes, money
Total cost
    Total = $92.50

Email your programme to your parents.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Gifts for my Family

My Brother Logan

My Brother Jacob

My Mum 
My Dad

Miss Campbell
My Brother Jacob

My Dog

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Water Fun Day

Mr Mossop was one of the organisers for the Water Fun Day. He needs feedback for next year’s Water Fun Day.

Create a survey which asks students for feedback on what was good and what needs improvement from the Water Fun Day.

Email your form to Room 42 class members.

Water Fun Day Feedback

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Food Tech
7-Banana choc Muffins
How not to get
mount everest
We could of done more and had a bit more time
Soft Materials Tech
7-A bag
8-Phone case
How to tread up a
sewing machine

What cords to play 
7-Self Portrait
How to get the right type
of pencil and paint


Hard Materials
Where to put the nails 
7-LED Active
How to wire up the all
the wires

Monday, 1 December 2014

Sunday, 30 November 2014

National Museum of National History

You Visit

London Virtual Tour

University of California

A virtual tour is a simulations of an existing location also known as a panoramic view. All it is, is a 3D view of a building or a place in the world. For example if you wanted to go to a famous persons house you can go online and type up virtual tour of who ever you are wanting to see, you can also type up virtual tour of a museum in paris or something like that. It is like going on a tour but you can't move around just look around. Some of the bad things of a virtual tour is you cant move around, it can be in 2D, it can take a lot of your internet, it can be very laggy and lastly it might not tell you things about the tour that you are going on. My opinion of a virtual is that they are really cool but they still need a bit of work.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ferguson Shooting USA

Find out what is going on in Ferguson, USA.

Create a quiz of 7 questions about this case.
Use the 7 servants as your question starters for the 7 questions.
Embed the quiz on your blog.
Another student in our class will complete your quiz.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tauranga Girls College trip

Today we went to Tauranga Girls College we  had to leave at 8:45 to get the bus down. When we got there we all sat in the hall and meet the new head girl, deputy head girl, sports directer and arts directer. What impressed me was that they have a swimming pool and if you dont swim you have to walk around the pool for the hole period. I was quite surprised that the school skirt cost $98. I didnt have any questions. I was sitting with Aysha and Zoe so I got to be in the same group when we were going around the school. I have many mixed emotions I felt happy and scared and exited because I am a bit scared because I might not be with my friends and then I wont know anyone. And then we started to come back at about 11:15 and got back at about 12 ish.    

Give your opinion on what happened here. Explain your opinion in full.

I think that this is really sad because this is just the way she dances.

Think of a time you ‘put your foot in your mouth’ (said the wrong thing and unintentionally offended someone)? What happened?

Monday, 24 November 2014

Advice for next year students

  • Do your homework
  • Stay on task
  • Wear gold or silver studs
  • Wear PE shorts under your skirt-girls and pants-boys
  • Tie your hair up
  • Use RIMU toilets 
  • Pick up rubbish to get stars ticket
  • Be respectful to equipment and teaches
  • Do good things around the school to get sprit trophy
  • Take part in school actives
  • Wear a singlet or crop top under your uniform 
  • Rata has the best drinking fountan
  • Always wear you hat
  • Ladys first
  • Complement Miss C and she will give you chocolate
  • Dont be silly on your laptop
  • Dont be rude to other houses
  • Dont run to canteen with out teacher
  • Dont flick people with your hats
  • Dont die your hair
  • Dont go out of bounds
  • Dont go to frazer cove during school hours 
  • Dont climb trees
  • Dont wear nail polish
  • Dont damage cars
  • Dont pick roses 
  • Dont wear makeup
  • Dont put food in the paper bin
  • Dont damage school equipment 
  • Dont stand to close to the rose bush or you will fall in
  • Dont bring your technology to school other than your laptop


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Internet Forum

What is an internet forum?
It is like a discussion website. That you can take to people on. 
Have you ever posted on a forum? Explain.
What is a thread?
A thread is a grouping of posts set up as a conversations among users

What is the forum administrator’s job?
To make sure things run smoothly 
What are some different names for forums?

Find a forum on and provide a link for:

What do you think the rules for posting on a forum are?
Not to be rude and dont say really mean things about the topic just say what you think. 

What do you think the consequences are for breaking the forum rules?
Get banned off that forum. 

Go to our class forum. Register using your school email.

Post a response to the thread topic and vote on the poll.
Read the posts of 3 others and reply to their posts.

Life Ed Movie

Sound Quality: It was alright but it could of used a bit more of editing.

Camera Skills: I thought that the camera skills were pretty good but could of done with some more practice.

Acting: They Could use some help with there acting.

Editing: I think that they did well for this movie.

Poem: There poem was good but i think that it went by too fast.

Quality of life ed video: It was really good overall

Teamwork: The teamwork was good everyone was in the movie and they did very well.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Summarise this article in a 10 words.

Make a T chart of the pros and cons of Jason Brown’s decision.

State whether you agree or disagree with Jason Brown’s decision and give your reasons.

Find another example of a person who has ‘downgraded’ their career.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Social Alpha

Use a photo editing online site or alpha/green screen effects etc. to change the background to make an amazing picture. You can also include captions.

If the photo is not of you, you can email it to the relevant class member.

Upload your annotated photo to your blog.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Life Ed Summary

Write a full summary of Life Ed: From the Shadows.
This should be at least ¾ of a page.
Use subheadings.
Remember to include some of Michael’s awesome stories about actual people affected by drugs.

In Life Ed this year we have leant all about drugs and what it does to your body. There are some sayings that is MRJMICE which stands for M - Memory R - Resoning J - Judgement M - Mechanical Skills I - Intellect C - Connection E - Emotions. We also leant what the four parts of the brain is which is Short term, Long term, Future thinking, Two days thinking. The point of Life Ed for drugs is to delay the decision until you have finished the ladder witch is about when you are 25 or over. We also leant that your body can get more damaged when you are younger then you are older because when you are younger your brain gets more damaged because your liver can not break down it without water so it gets water out of the other things in your body so then you start to slow down you body and then you cant get messages out from your brain

Sunday, 9 November 2014


1. Explain what a translation is. Translation is when you move a object to another from one place to another.

2. Explain how a vector works. What does it look like? What does the top number indicate? What does the bottom number indicate?
A vector is when there is 2 numbers in 2 brackets going vertical. The top number repents going across left and right. And the second number repesents going up and down.

3. Give a real life example of when translation is used.
Flying Fox 
Moving a house

Radio Script

Hi I am Hannah.
Today I am advertising a website called Akinator the web genie.
Do you have 5 minutes of your day that you can spear to see if you are smarter than the computer genie.
Well this is a cool website for you.
This is what happens, you think of a character and then you answer questions. Most of the time the genie will get it right. So go and give it a try and see if he guess your character.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Is The Book Disapearing

Do you think books are disappearing, I think books are disappearing because people are buying more technology and getting more apps to get ebooks.

It will be much easier to have your books on your technology because you can have more than one and it will be much lighter to carry one tablet instead of 10 books. You can carry your ebooks anywhere you go.

The bad things with ebooks are if you drop your ebook it might smash and you will have to get a new one all the time, if you drop your book they it will not brake because it does not have wires in it. It is also bad because if you get your ebook wet then it will also brake and if you get a book wet it will brake or get water all though it, it will be fine.

Illegal Drugs

Research one illegal drug in depth.
Find out:
  • class
  • describe how the drug looks
  • how it is made
  • ways the drug is used
  • how it affects the user
  • streetnames
  • negative health effects it has on the user
  • dangers

Write a summary in paragraphs. No pictures.

Magic Mushrooms is a class A drug. There are many types of magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms just look like normal mushrooms with a white stem and brown top, You can get very sick if you pick the wrong kind of magic mushrooms. Magic Mushrooms can be eaten and brewed and had in tea. The effects of magic mushrooms are generally cause feelings of mausea before the desired mental effects appear. There are many types of street names for magic mushrooms such as Shrooms, Mushies, Caps, Blue Meanies and Boomers.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Read this playscript of a scene from Jack and Jill based on the nursery rhyme.

Write a scene for a playscript for a later scene in Jack and Jill, or for another nursery rhyme.

Make sure you lay out your play script correctly with:
Cast list
Scene number
Stage directions in brackets e.g. (Jack and Jill are walking along lane holding empty pails or buckets)
Character names at the beginning of each line with a colon: and a tab space

The Skipping Rope


Scene Number 2

( They start to walk home from the hill with empty buckets )

Bob: When you get home you can play with your skipping rope

Paulina: Yay

( They get home and Jill plays with he skipping rope )
Paulina: This is so much fun. You should come and play with me Jack

Bob: Ok

Paulina: Yay

Bob: Totally

( They then lived happily ever after )

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


1) What do these symbols on our flag stand for?
a) Blue background
b) Stars It is for the southern cross
c) Union Jack It is because of the Maori tribes
2) Name the 3 flags of the 3 countries which are combined to make the Union Jack New Zealand,
3) When did we first use this NZ flag ?
4) What flag did we use from 1840 until then?
5) From 1834 to 1840 we used the United Tribes Flag. Insert an image of this flag.
6) Who kept chopping down the flagpole in Kororareka? Why?
7) What are the other official flags of NZ. Who are they used
for/when are they used?
Insert an image of the National Maori Flag. When did this flag first fly officially?
8)# Now you understand the basics of our present flag, work on a design for the flag you feel NZ should have. Insert your image.
Think about:
*what flags of other countries look like
*which icons are important to New Zealanders
*is your flag representative of our society
*the colours and what they represent
*what will go in the top left corner -the most clearly seen part of the flag even when there is no wind and the flag hangs down.
*how the rest of the world will identify NZ from this flag

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Write questions for these answers.

  1. Krystal Bennett
  2. What was the girl that died in a car crash when she was 18?
  1. P and Morphine
  2. What was the other driver high on? 
  1. 19
  2. How old was the driver that was high?
  1. River Road, Upper Hutt
  2. Where did he crash happen?
  1. Never drive if you’ve taken any drugs
  2. What is the lesson of this article?
  1. 3
  2. How many people were in the drug driving car?
  1. selfish and irresponsible
  2. What was the driver being?
  1. 57th
  2. What rank was Krystal at her job?
  1. 6 ½
  2. How long was the drug driver in prison for?

  1. Find another article which reports on the death of a NEW ZEALAND teenager from drugs or alcohol.
Write a 100 word summary of what happened.
Link the article.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Captions for Photos

I will save you. Or will I

What do you think you are wearing. 

What I need glasses to see things and I also need sunglasses. 

Just sink into me then. 

I will battle you to the end

Why are you looking at me like I am food 

What you looking at

Dont eat me im not that yum

What we were just playing