Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tauranga Girls College trip

Today we went to Tauranga Girls College we  had to leave at 8:45 to get the bus down. When we got there we all sat in the hall and meet the new head girl, deputy head girl, sports directer and arts directer. What impressed me was that they have a swimming pool and if you dont swim you have to walk around the pool for the hole period. I was quite surprised that the school skirt cost $98. I didnt have any questions. I was sitting with Aysha and Zoe so I got to be in the same group when we were going around the school. I have many mixed emotions I felt happy and scared and exited because I am a bit scared because I might not be with my friends and then I wont know anyone. And then we started to come back at about 11:15 and got back at about 12 ish.    

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