Sunday, 16 November 2014

Life Ed Summary

Write a full summary of Life Ed: From the Shadows.
This should be at least ¾ of a page.
Use subheadings.
Remember to include some of Michael’s awesome stories about actual people affected by drugs.

In Life Ed this year we have leant all about drugs and what it does to your body. There are some sayings that is MRJMICE which stands for M - Memory R - Resoning J - Judgement M - Mechanical Skills I - Intellect C - Connection E - Emotions. We also leant what the four parts of the brain is which is Short term, Long term, Future thinking, Two days thinking. The point of Life Ed for drugs is to delay the decision until you have finished the ladder witch is about when you are 25 or over. We also leant that your body can get more damaged when you are younger then you are older because when you are younger your brain gets more damaged because your liver can not break down it without water so it gets water out of the other things in your body so then you start to slow down you body and then you cant get messages out from your brain

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