Monday, 24 November 2014

Advice for next year students

  • Do your homework
  • Stay on task
  • Wear gold or silver studs
  • Wear PE shorts under your skirt-girls and pants-boys
  • Tie your hair up
  • Use RIMU toilets 
  • Pick up rubbish to get stars ticket
  • Be respectful to equipment and teaches
  • Do good things around the school to get sprit trophy
  • Take part in school actives
  • Wear a singlet or crop top under your uniform 
  • Rata has the best drinking fountan
  • Always wear you hat
  • Ladys first
  • Complement Miss C and she will give you chocolate
  • Dont be silly on your laptop
  • Dont be rude to other houses
  • Dont run to canteen with out teacher
  • Dont flick people with your hats
  • Dont die your hair
  • Dont go out of bounds
  • Dont go to frazer cove during school hours 
  • Dont climb trees
  • Dont wear nail polish
  • Dont damage cars
  • Dont pick roses 
  • Dont wear makeup
  • Dont put food in the paper bin
  • Dont damage school equipment 
  • Dont stand to close to the rose bush or you will fall in
  • Dont bring your technology to school other than your laptop

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