Sunday, 30 November 2014

National Museum of National History

You Visit

London Virtual Tour

University of California

A virtual tour is a simulations of an existing location also known as a panoramic view. All it is, is a 3D view of a building or a place in the world. For example if you wanted to go to a famous persons house you can go online and type up virtual tour of who ever you are wanting to see, you can also type up virtual tour of a museum in paris or something like that. It is like going on a tour but you can't move around just look around. Some of the bad things of a virtual tour is you cant move around, it can be in 2D, it can take a lot of your internet, it can be very laggy and lastly it might not tell you things about the tour that you are going on. My opinion of a virtual is that they are really cool but they still need a bit of work.

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