Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Read this playscript of a scene from Jack and Jill based on the nursery rhyme.

Write a scene for a playscript for a later scene in Jack and Jill, or for another nursery rhyme.

Make sure you lay out your play script correctly with:
Cast list
Scene number
Stage directions in brackets e.g. (Jack and Jill are walking along lane holding empty pails or buckets)
Character names at the beginning of each line with a colon: and a tab space

The Skipping Rope


Scene Number 2

( They start to walk home from the hill with empty buckets )

Bob: When you get home you can play with your skipping rope

Paulina: Yay

( They get home and Jill plays with he skipping rope )
Paulina: This is so much fun. You should come and play with me Jack

Bob: Ok

Paulina: Yay

Bob: Totally

( They then lived happily ever after )

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


1) What do these symbols on our flag stand for?
a) Blue background
b) Stars It is for the southern cross
c) Union Jack It is because of the Maori tribes
2) Name the 3 flags of the 3 countries which are combined to make the Union Jack New Zealand,
3) When did we first use this NZ flag ?
4) What flag did we use from 1840 until then?
5) From 1834 to 1840 we used the United Tribes Flag. Insert an image of this flag.
6) Who kept chopping down the flagpole in Kororareka? Why?
7) What are the other official flags of NZ. Who are they used
for/when are they used?
Insert an image of the National Maori Flag. When did this flag first fly officially?
8)# Now you understand the basics of our present flag, work on a design for the flag you feel NZ should have. Insert your image.
Think about:
*what flags of other countries look like
*which icons are important to New Zealanders
*is your flag representative of our society
*the colours and what they represent
*what will go in the top left corner -the most clearly seen part of the flag even when there is no wind and the flag hangs down.
*how the rest of the world will identify NZ from this flag

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Write questions for these answers.

  1. Krystal Bennett
  2. What was the girl that died in a car crash when she was 18?
  1. P and Morphine
  2. What was the other driver high on? 
  1. 19
  2. How old was the driver that was high?
  1. River Road, Upper Hutt
  2. Where did he crash happen?
  1. Never drive if you’ve taken any drugs
  2. What is the lesson of this article?
  1. 3
  2. How many people were in the drug driving car?
  1. selfish and irresponsible
  2. What was the driver being?
  1. 57th
  2. What rank was Krystal at her job?
  1. 6 ½
  2. How long was the drug driver in prison for?

  1. Find another article which reports on the death of a NEW ZEALAND teenager from drugs or alcohol.
Write a 100 word summary of what happened.
Link the article.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Captions for Photos

I will save you. Or will I

What do you think you are wearing. 

What I need glasses to see things and I also need sunglasses. 

Just sink into me then. 

I will battle you to the end

Why are you looking at me like I am food 

What you looking at

Dont eat me im not that yum

What we were just playing

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Rotational Symmetry

  1. In your own words explain what rotational symmetry is.
  2. Rotation symmetry is when you get a shape and you spin it around until you get to the start shape for  example. 

This is a triangle that has been spin 60ยบ around.

How is rotational symmetry different from line symmetry?
Line of symmetry does not spin.

  1. What do you do to check if a shape has rotational symmetry?
you go 360 divided by the number of times it can spin around. Find pictures of 3 real life objects which have rotational symmetry (not shapes, objects e.g. foods, logos) and paste them into your post

Order 2

Order 3
Order 4

Order 5

Order 10
  1. Do the Mathopolis quiz and record your score

  1. Create an amazing design with the order of symmetry = 5 using symmetry artist. Screenshot and add it to your blog post.

  1. Worksheets at the front of the room. Glue into your maths book and write the date and learning intention. (see Miss Campbell for a mini lesson on how to do the grid worksheet)

  1. IXL practise Screenshot one of the questions and explain in words why you have chosen the shape and not the other shapes.
Take the BBC Bitesize quiz and record your score

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Punctuate Correctly

"MUM! where are my favourite socks," I asked yelling for help.
"And where are my Tuesday undies," asked dad searching through his drawers "You know I have to wear them today," 
"Just wear Monday's undies no one is going to know," replied Mum. 
"No ones going to know you say, I'm going to know and to wear Monday's undies pfft that would be idiotic." Dad answered back with a streak in his voice.
This was only the beginning of our family disaster for the next few weeks things were starting to disappear and fast with Dad losing his Tuesday undies and me losing my favourite socks, Isaac then lost his favourite bow tie while mum then lost her favourite dress we thought we were going mental "Its not like they could just hop up and run away," said Isaac. 
Mum suggested that we recap our steps when was the last time you had your items she said we all replied.
"Washing day was the last time we had them so maybe its the washing machine thats caused all this drama." Mum said with a glimpse a hope in her eye.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


It was a monday morning I just got woken up by my mum to get ready for school. I got out of bed and reached down for my uniform but it wasn't there. I looked under my bed under my pillows but I couldn't find my uniform anywhere 
"Kaidin have you gotten in the shower yet."
"No mum I cant find my uniform." 
"Well you better find it quick or you will be going to school in your onesie."
"But mum I cant find it anywhere it’s like its just disappeared."
"Oh sure just like all your other stuff huh Kaidin."
I got a note to go to school with to say that my uniform is lost and that I have to wear mufti just for today, which was a pain because every teacher I walked past asked why im in mufti and where my uniform, is so I just showed them the note and moved on. When I got home I went to go grab my IPod from where I always put it but I looked and that wasn't there either I yelled out to my mum Mum have you seen my IPod no but do you know where did you last put it mum if I knew where I last put it do you think i'd be asking you where it is sorry just trying to help.

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