Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Rotational Symmetry

  1. In your own words explain what rotational symmetry is.
  2. Rotation symmetry is when you get a shape and you spin it around until you get to the start shape for  example. 

This is a triangle that has been spin 60ยบ around.

How is rotational symmetry different from line symmetry?
Line of symmetry does not spin.

  1. What do you do to check if a shape has rotational symmetry?
you go 360 divided by the number of times it can spin around. Find pictures of 3 real life objects which have rotational symmetry (not shapes, objects e.g. foods, logos) and paste them into your post

Order 2

Order 3
Order 4

Order 5

Order 10
  1. Do the Mathopolis quiz and record your score

  1. Create an amazing design with the order of symmetry = 5 using symmetry artist. Screenshot and add it to your blog post.

  1. Worksheets at the front of the room. Glue into your maths book and write the date and learning intention. (see Miss Campbell for a mini lesson on how to do the grid worksheet)

  1. IXL practise Screenshot one of the questions and explain in words why you have chosen the shape and not the other shapes.
Take the BBC Bitesize quiz and record your score

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