Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Read this playscript of a scene from Jack and Jill based on the nursery rhyme.

Write a scene for a playscript for a later scene in Jack and Jill, or for another nursery rhyme.

Make sure you lay out your play script correctly with:
Cast list
Scene number
Stage directions in brackets e.g. (Jack and Jill are walking along lane holding empty pails or buckets)
Character names at the beginning of each line with a colon: and a tab space

The Skipping Rope


Scene Number 2

( They start to walk home from the hill with empty buckets )

Bob: When you get home you can play with your skipping rope

Paulina: Yay

( They get home and Jill plays with he skipping rope )
Paulina: This is so much fun. You should come and play with me Jack

Bob: Ok

Paulina: Yay

Bob: Totally

( They then lived happily ever after )

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