Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cameron Clapp

Research about the guy from the Limb and Life article you’ve been reading in CSI.
Write questions for the following answers:

Q. How long intill Cameron Clapp went to the United States?
A. 28 √

Q. When did Cameron Clapp loose his legs and arm?
A. September 15, 2001√

Q. How did Cameron Clapp Loose his leg?
A. He was hit by a train.√

Q. How many prosthetics does he have?
A. He has 3. One each for walking, running & swimming√

Q. When did Cameron Clapp start his film?

A .2008 feature film Stop-Loss.√

Q. What does Cameron Clapp do in his spare time
A. He gives motivational talks to soldiers who have lost limbs. √

Q. How much does his legs and arms cost?
A. $40,000 each. √

Q. What does Cameron Clapp use his arm and to walk?
A. Prosthetic. √

Q. What parts of Cameron Clapp's body is prosthetic?
A. His right arm and both legs. √

Q. What did Cameron Clapp Say in one of his speaches?
A.  "I left the wheelchair five months after the accident and I don’t want to have to use it again." √

Find and watch a recent video of Cameron. Embed the video.

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