Thursday, 19 June 2014


On Monday last week Me, Marieka and Megan we to Jrock . What we did is we have been working on 4 dances that are applying to bulling and then we mashed them together an then got a 5 minute dance. I dont know what we came but I think we did really well. We left school at 9am and we finished at 7:45pm. There was lots of things to do there ASB were there and were playing games and you could win things, you could win a drink bottle, stickers, hackie sac, slinky and a piggy bank. I won a drink bottle, 2 hackie sacs, a piggy bank and 3 sheets of stickers. We had to have hair done up and lots of makeup on, for the makeup we had to wear foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshade and lipstick. All together we had a great time and we would like to do it next year too.

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