Sunday, 22 June 2014

Scam Letter

Summarise who this letter is from, who it is to, and what it is about.
The letter is from Emily Parks her email is The letter is to Maria Farnandez her email is The email is about someone that is getting scamed. What that is, it is something that people try to get money of you like they take $150 off 1,000,000 people that is how they get so much money for the lotto and things like that. Sometimes when you sigh up to websites the website could sell your email to scams so they can scam you.

What are 2 reasons you know that this letter is a scam.
In the subject it says please contact her for your money. Because they are 2 different emails that they want you to send money to so they get more money from people. There is a lot of spelling mistakes.

Give 3 pieces of evidence (excerpts of sentences) that prove that this letter is a scam.
There are lots of different emails. They are saying to send $250 to get back you money but you never get your money back. She says really weird things like the company would not let her put out the email.

Describe a scam or prank you have heard about or been subject to.
I have heard of one that you get a email about you computer and yo pay to get a upgrade on your computer.

Give 5 pieces of advice for people to avoid internet or email based scams.
Dont replay to there email. 
When you get the email dont open it unless you know them. 
Delete The email striate away.

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