Monday, 1 September 2014


I have been in this world for 1000000 years today. I came here to help people, People in need. I came here with my best friend Bob and Paul. They are the two craziest potato in the universe. My spaceship landed here because we needed to find a potato farm to eat because that is what we eat. We crashed in the middle of a pie, A potato pie. We walked about 1000 miles intill we found someone something we asked what are you. He said with a big dandy hhhheeeelllloooo there I am Frank and I am a cowboy and I am CRAZY. Who are you. We told him we dont know we are from a planet a long way away from here it is called Bobs Your Uncle. We asked him if there was something called a potato farm. He said well no but there is a farm down there thanks we said bye. We started to walk off and we heard something behind us and we looked behind us and saw someone there in a white long shirt, we asked him what he wanted and he said I am watching you and we want to find out what you are. Stop folling us we started to run and blasted him with our potato gun, YAY he is goes back to the farm. We were running and Bob tripped over and said what was that is was just a hole, Bob asked a hole for what. A hole for a potato. Dandandan

The End.


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  2. You have quite a few s.p.g errors and I think it would be easier to read if you paragraphed it. I enjoyed the childish humor though.