Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Potato Shop

While you were running away, you tripped and fell. What happened?

What was the big surprise at the end of your story?

I have been here for 10 years. We came here to capture someone something we haven't found it yet but we will we are no leaving until we find it. I came here with my 2 best friends Bob and Paul. We lost our passport trying to get on a plane here we dropped our passport when we were going over the pacific ocean. I have had to go the police and I have been to all of the shops in the pacific ocean. My passport was blue and it looked like the beach. We were looking around one day for it and we saw someone following us we though it looked a bit strange so we went up to it and said ooobolo bsf b which means why are you following us. Oh well we just punched him in the face instead. We were walking away and we both tripped up on something we picked it up and took it with us to see what it was. Then we walked to our house and saw a potato shop.
The End

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