Thursday, 18 September 2014

Election Day

When is election day? It is on Saturday 20 September.

What hours can you vote on election day? You can vote from 9am to 7pm

What date does this year’s election officially end? You have to finish by October 4th.

Why does it there a gap between election day and when the election ends? So the votes can be counted.

Summarise each of these rules for election day in your own words.

Hoardings: All the signs around town must be taken down before election day.

Sign-written vehicles: It is when you have a bumper sticker or flags on your car and then you have to take it down for the voting.

Fixed signage on party headquarters and MP’s electorate offices: At there office they can have there signs u but they cant have any special signs up.

Delivery of election material prohibited: Election must not be deliver by post.

Websites and social media: You cant publish anything on election day but you can have anything that you have already put on.

Processions and demonstrations: You are not allowed to have someone stand out side of the voting room and say vote for nation.

Streamers, rosettes, ribbons etc: You are not allowed to where the party on you shirt or anything that says vote labour or anything like that.

Clothing promoting the party or candidate: No tshirts, can wear party colours

Assistance to get to a voting place: You can Influence people to vote for them.

At the voting place: Mp are only allowed into the voting place only to vote.

Campaigning around advance voting places:

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