Thursday, 29 May 2014


Paige : How are we going to get back to Tauranga in 1 hour?
Tyler : How, we dont even have a car?
Paige : Wait, whats that?
Tyler : Is that a BMW down that drive it does't look like there is anyone in the house lets get it?
Paige : Are you that dumb that is a BMW they have heaps of security.
Tyler : Oh I knew that.
Paige : Lets carry on we dont have time for this.
Tyler : Theres another car is that a Subaru Forster.
Paige : Finally you found a good car hurry up lets get it.
Tyler : Give me your bobby pin.
Paige : Here hurry up we have 10 minutes.
Tyler : Ok..............Done 
Paige : Lets go.

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