Thursday, 8 May 2014

Estuary Run

Step 1.Ok so you start at school on the bleaches you run around the field and go though the gates on to Grace Rd.
Step 2.You get almost at the end of that road and then you cross and down 15th Ave.
Step 3.Next you run down the road in till you get to a road that a teacher will be there to tell you where to go.
Step 4.You run down that mini street and then across the estuary.
Step 5.You can walk but try to run up Tanner St. back into school.
Step 6.Finish the lap around the field and then you are done.
Step 7.You must be care full because there are lots of cars and people on the side walk and they may have kids with them.
Step 8.Remember to bring shoes and socks and maybe a drink but you leave your drink in class or on the bleaches.

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