Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Water Drop Lens

How to make and use the water drop lens.

What you need:
Wire, pencil, water, newspaper and a bowl.

Step 1. Get your bowl and fill up about half of the bowl with water.

Step 2. Next grab your wire and make a loop that a pencil will fit.

Step 3. Put your pencil in the hole and make it tight.

Step 4. At the other end of the wire make another loop about the same size.

Step 5. Dip the other end of the wire into the water slowly and back out.

Step 6. Get your newspaper and place it flat on a table.

Step 7. Hold your pencil with the wire on it and dip the loop into the water.

Step 8. Once it is in the water bring it out slowly hold it over the newspaper and it will look bigger.

This happen because the water drop is curved outwards and behaves like a convex lens.

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